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Welcome to MYH Athletics! Whether you're just starting to develop new habits, making new connections later in life, seeking alternatives for client entertainment, or simply looking for understanding and support during challenging times, these networking activities are here for you. In an industry that can often be unpredictable and rewards negative patterns, MYH is here to support and encourage healthy decisions. 


Please choose the activities that you're interested in and we’ll add you to the corresponding groups.

Current Meetups

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September Announcements

  • MYH Montreal's first meetup was a success! Looking forward to the next one.

  • MYH Gaming kicks off Sept 27th! (Updated)

  • Toronto Monthly Meetup (Don Valley Hike) is happening Sept 28th. 

  • MYH Athletics: Kayaking switched to Fridays until end of season (Oct 1), and we'll be updating with Autumn/Winter activities soon!

  • Pathway is underway!

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