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Our Mission

Market Your Health was built around a central objective: ensuring inclusivity for corporate professionals navigating sobriety and other life changes by offering healthy networking alternatives. 


Things have grown to simply positive and healthy substance-free meetups, athletics, and mentorship, but it’s important to remember why we started. Maintaining this, we’ll continue to work on balance, ensuring our initiatives and content remain positive and uplifting while sharing supportive content periodically via Instagram stories and social walls. 


We aim to continue building initiatives for anyone looking for healthy places to network, and hope that one day anyone in the corporate world working through sobriety and other life changes will have MYH as a consistent, reliable, and wholesome social community. 


Our community is dedicated to prioritizing authenticity, integrity, and empathy, and we welcome people from all backgrounds and abilities to join one of our Meetups (Monthly Toronto, Montreal & Vancouver), MYH Athletics, and our Mentorship program, Branching Out!




Toronto, On

Montreal, QC

Vancouver, BC

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