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Our Mission

We believe that the environment we surround ourselves with plays a major role in shaping our habits and creating meaningful connections. That's why our main focus is creating a supportive community where people can build healthy and genuine career connections while engaging in meaningful activities that contribute to overall well-being. 


Our community is dedicated to prioritizing authenticity, integrity, and empathy, and we welcome people from all backgrounds and abilities to to join our meetups and mentorship program as we foster an inclusive environment where every individual is respected and valued. We also understand the social wellness importance of face-to-face interactions for remote workers, so we’ve included a bi-monthly ‘Farming Connections’ meetup!


If you're a corporate professional with a passion for wellness and creating authentic connections, you'll find our platform to be a perfect fit as we all strive for personal and career growth!

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Toronto, On

Tel: 416.575.7747

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