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About Pathway

Pathway is a mentorship program dedicated to empowering individuals to achieve personal and professional goals through mentorship and healthy community support. We provide a safe and inclusive environment where mentees learn from experienced mentors, connect with peers, and develop essential skills for success in both the office and personal life. Our program fosters a culture of growth, accountability, and healthy partnerships, tailored to each individual's unique journey. Our passionate mentors offer guidance, support, and encouragement, helping mentees overcome challenges as we prioritize diversity, integrity, and respect, creating a collaborative and uplifting community.

Pathway Logo Symbolism

The idea behind Pathway’s logo draws inspiration from The Yellow Brick Road.


The roots symbolize our individuality and the exploration of our own distinct paths in life. These roots gradually take on unique shapes as they encounter obstacles along the tree trunk, eventually reaching the branches and blossoming into leaves. The light blue leaves represent those who seek guidance and support, while the dark green leaves represent those who provide mentorship and guidance.

Pathway Core Values

Empowerment: Providing the tools and resources needed to empower individuals to achieve their goals.

Growth: Fostering a culture of continuous learning and personal development for both mentors and mentees.

Support: Creating a supportive and inclusive environment for all participants in the mentorship program.

Accountability: Encouraging accountability and responsibility for personal and professional growth.

Partnership: Emphasizing the importance of collaboration and partnership between mentors and mentees.

Diversity: Embracing diversity and recognizing the value of different perspectives and experiences.

Aspiration: Encouraging mentees to aspire to achieve their full potential.

Trust: Building and maintaining trust between mentors and mentees.

Integrity: Upholding high ethical standards and promoting integrity in all interactions.

Respect: Demonstrating respect for each other's time, ideas, and perspectives.

Pathway Cohort 1 Important Dates

June 9th: Registration for mentors and mentees closes. 

June 12-16th: Mentorship Pairing. Each mentee/mentor will be contacted and provided next steps. 

June 19th: Pathway Cohort 1 kicks off! 

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